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Ravidassia Women

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Important women in the Ravidassia History.

Satguru Ravidass Maharaj's Grandmother: Respected Shrimati Lakhpati Ji
Satguru Ravidass Maharaj's Mother         Respected Shrimati Kalsi Devi Ji
Satguru Ravidass Maharaj's Wife            : Respected Shrimati Lona Ji
Satguru Ravidass Maharaj's disiples    
                        Rani Jhalan Bai, Meera Bai, Karma Bai, Bibi Bhanmati

  • Mata Shrimati Kalsi Devi Ji with her son Satguru Ravidass Maharaj Ji
    Mata Shrimati Kalsi Devi Ji with her son Satguru Ravidass Maharaj Ji
  • Sant Meera Bai with Satguru Ravidass Maharaj
    Sant Meera Bai with Satguru Ravidass Maharaj
  • Ganga with Satguru Ravidass Maharaj
    Ganga with Satguru Ravidass Maharaj
Mata Shrimati Kalsi Devi Ji with her son Satguru Ravidass Maharaj Ji
Mata Shrimati Kalsi Devi Ji with her son Satguru Ravidass Maharaj Ji

Meera Bai - the disciple of Satguru Ravidass Ji

Meera Bai was the only child of her parents. Meera Bai was a queen of Chittor and a daughter of the king of Rajasthan. Her mother died when Meera Bai was still in her infancy. She was brought up under the custody of Duda Ji, her grandfather who was a worshipper of God. He had met Guru Ravidass Ji several times. He was under his influence. Meera Bai was also influenced by the devotional bent of mind of her grandfather. It is said that at the time of marriage of Meera Bai, Guru Ravidass Ji blessed the couple. After her marriage, she adopted Guru Ravidass Ji as her Guru, with the consent of her husband and other elderly members of the family. Religious discourses were held daily at the open compound of 1800 ft. high Kumbh Shyam Mandir near Vijay Sitambh, Chittorgarh. These discourses had deep impact on innocent conscience of Meera Bai. In this compound, Meera used to dance in ecstasy of deep Divine devotion. She used to sing the praise of her Guru.

Guru milya Ravidass ji dini gyan ki gutki.
Chot lagi nijnam hari ki mharey hivrey khatki.

By this time, Meera Bai had become a truthful devotee of Guru Ravidass Ji She had unshakeable faith in Guru Ji. She was absorbed in mediation and company of saints all the time. After the death of her father-in-law, her troubles started. Bikramjit the younger brother of her deceased husband was apprehensive and did not like her remaining aloof in meditation and company of saints. But Meera Bai did not relent. Bikramjit got her thrown in Gambhiri river at mid-night. She glimpsed Guru Ravidass Ji in the turmoil of waves. The waves comfortably sprang her out to the bank of river. This incident confirmed purity of Meera and she felt blissful.

On another day in her intuitional devotional state of meditation, Meera Bai was talking and laughing with Guru Ravidass Ji in her room. Bikramjit apprehended that she was talking and laughing with some outsider in her room. Out of wrath he unsheathed his sword to kill her. He knocked at the door and asked her angrily to open the door open. There was no man. Room was filled with dazzling light. Meera was absorbed in meditation. This shook him. His conscience cursed him. He fainted. After some time he gained consciousness. Feeling helpless he came out.

Meera Bai faced yet another crucial test. A cushioned bed was prepared. Piercing sharp nails were studded on it. Meera Bai was asked to sit on it as it was purported to be manufactured for her comfortable sleep. She did as directed. By virtue of protection by Guru Ravidass Ji the piercing nails became flowers. She had sound sleep on the bed.

Bikramjit was still haunted by the phobia of killing Meera Bai. He chalked out a strategy to kill Meera Bai in consultation with his ministers. She was to be offered milk mixed with poison by posing it as nectar sent to her by Guru Ravidass Ji. Uda Bai, sister of Bikramjit, secretly told Meera Bai that poison in the milk is going to be offered to her posing as nectar sent to her by Guru Ravidass Ji; that she should not drink it. Meera Bai replied that if it is said to have been sent by Guru Ravidass Ji, she would drink it as nectar. Milk mixed with poison was offered to Meera Bai through Pandit Daya Ram stating that it is nectar sent by Guru Ravidass Ji and she should drink it. In meditation Guru Ravidass Ji told her that although it is poison-mixed-milk yet she should unhesitatingly drink it as nectar. Meera Bai repeated Name of Guru Ravidass Ji devotionally and carried the pot containing poisonous milk. It became nectar. She drank it and became blissful. She sang in ecstasy:

Vish ko pyala Rana Ji melio dyo
mertani ne paye
Kar charanamit pee gayee re,
gun Gobind ra gaye.

Bikramjit Still thought of killing Meera Bai. He thought out another plan. A poisonous snake was to be sent to Meera Bai posing as garland sent by Guru Ravidass Ji for her. The snake would sting her when the pot is opened. Pot carrying poisonous cobra snake was taken to Meera Bai and she was told that it is a garland sent by Guru Ravidass Ji for her. She should wear it. She meditated Guru Ji. By spiritual power of Guru Ravidass Ji the snake became a beautiful garland. She removed disc of the pot. It was a beautiful garland. She picked it up and wore it. She was moved and sang spontaneously:

Saanp pitaro Rana Ji bhejyo,
dyo mertani gal Daar
Hans hans Meera kanth lagayo,
yo to mhan Re nausar haar

Meera Bai thanked Guru Ravidass Ji. She was saved. Bikramjit was now helpless. He yielded to Meera Bai and begged apology for past attempts to kill her. She forgave him. Bikramjit and members of his family developed deep regard for Guru Ravidass Ji.

Guru Ravidass Ji was a great saint. Meera Bai was his equally great disciples. Her heart beat with Guru Ji; her soul vibrated with Guru Ji. She wrote and sang profuse devotional poetry in praise of Guru Ravidass Ji. Sweet and melodious tunes of hymns of Meera Bai can be heard even today in air in the serene vicinity of Chittor. Radio and Television too sing her devotional songs as the day dawns.

Meera regarded Guru Ravidas as her spiritual Guru. This enlightened saint was a shoemaker by caste and profession. In 15th century itself he propagated the message that caste has no meaning and its one’s own karmas that decide one’s fate.

One of the many incidents associated with him is that one morning some of his neighbors were going to take bath in the sacred Ganga and asked him also to accompany them. Guru Ravidas had promised to deliver shoes to one of his customers. So, he was not able to join them. When one of his neighbors persisted, then Guru Ravidas uttered his belief saying that: “Man changa tow kathoti mein Ganga“. That is if your heart is pious then the holy river is right in your tub and you need not go anywhere else.

There is a small chhatri in front of Meera’s temple. It has guru Ravidas’ engraved foot print. As a respect to her guru, Meera once wrote:

“Guru Milyaa Raidaasji .. Deeni Gyaan ki gutki ”

Bibi Bhanmati becomes disciple of Satguru Ravidass Ji

Karma Bai Ji – the disciple of Satguru Ravidass Ji

Bibi Bhanmati of Multan (now in Pakistan) was a pious lady who remained busy in thakur pooja for major time of the day. However, she did not have any enlightenment. Her mind remained upset. Somehow, she heard of fame of Guru Ravidass Ji of being divinely enlightened saint. She was told that if she aspires for supreme spiritual bliss, she should go to Guru Ravidass Maharaj Ji and seek his blessings. Bibi Bhanmati along with her husband reached Guru Ji’s place at Benaras. They bowed at the sacred feet of Guru Ji. Incidentally, Gorakh Nath had also come to Guru Ji for goshti. Gorakh Nath tried to take away stealthily spiritual powers of Guru Ravidass Ji but he failed to shake Guru Ji. Guru Ji spared time for Bibi Bhanmati. She told Guru Ji her spiritual and mental position. Guru Ji recited following shabad:

Har(i) har(i) har(i) har(i) har(i) har(i) hare
Har(i) simrat jan gaye nistar(i) tare (Rahao)
Har(i) ke naam kabir ujjagar.
Janam janam ke kate kagar.
Nimat naamdeo doodh peeaia.
Tuo jag janam sankat nahi aaya.
Jan Ravidass ram rang raataa
Eiou gur prasad narak nahi jataa.

When Bibi Bhanmati understood the meaning of the shabad, she was highly impressed with divine enlightenment of Guru Ji. She was moved. She humbly prayed to Guru Ji for initiation. Guru Ji blessed her and asked her to chant the Name of God as Har(i) har(i) har(i) har(i) for attainment of supreme bliss and to avoid the pains of transmigration. She became disciple of Satguru Ravidass Ji.

Rani Jhalan Bai – the disciple of Satguru Ravidass Ji

Once Rani Jhalan Bai of Chittorgarh visited Benaras on pilgrimage. She paid homage at many temples. There she heard of perfection in enlightenment of Guru Ravidass Ji. She went to the place of Guru Ravidass Ji at Seer Govardhanpur, Benaras and listened his religious discourses. She was highly convinced and influenced by Guru Ji. She was so much impressed that she prayed Guru Ji to make her his disciple. Guru Ji told her to adopt some high-caste saint as Guru as she belonged to Rajput caste. But she implored and insisted to become his disciple. Seeing her truthfulness and perseverance in conviction, Guru Ji initiated her and made her his disciple. The Pandits could not bear that a Rajput queen should become disciple of a low caste saint. They complained to Raja Sangram Singh that his queen had adopted Ravidass Ji as her Guru. At this the king was annoyed with the queen. However, she talked high of Guru Ji and his enlightenment and charismatic powers that he had. After hearing this, the king also developed regard for Guru Ji and cherished to see him.

The king and queen arranged a Sat Sang (religious congregation for discourses) at Chittorgarh. Guru Ji was prayed to attend the Sat Sang as the Chief Guest. After spiritual deliberations community dinner was arranged in honour of Guru Ravidass Ji. Guru Ravidass Ji knew spiritually that Pandits would not take meals if he sits in line with them. Therefore, he preferred to sit alone in a separate room. However, when service of food was ready the Brahmans stood away and refused to sit with Guru Ravidass Ji, because they said, he belonged to low caste. When Guru Ji came to know all about it he agreed to sit alone in another room. Then the Pandits agreed to take meals. The food was served. When the Pandits began to eat food they were astonished to see that Guru Ravidass Ji was sitting on both sides of each of the Pandits. On right side, he was there and on left side he was again there. The Pandits felt ashamed and repented for their unruly behavior with Guru Ravidass Ji. They prayed Guru Ji to forgive them. They were forgiven. All of them became Guru Ji’s disciples.

Karma Bai – the disciple of Satguru Ravidass Ji Karma Bai was divinely enlightened lady. Karma Bai’s fame spread all around. Saints visited her place from far and near. One day a saint said, ‘Karma ! how is it that God takes meals at your home daily.’ She told while preparing meals chapattis, khichri for the God, I chant the sacred Name of God. When the meals are ready, all the items are kept in proper manner and are covered with a clean cloth. The saint told her that this is not the proper manner. She should wash wood needed as fuel, mud plaster the kitchen, bathe and then prepare meals. From next day she started the new process. One day while observing the new process, the meals were prepared late. God had to wait. God was still busy in eating khichri, Sant Rama Nand also prayed him to take meals with him. God had to go to Sant Rama Nand Ji immediately. He could not even cleanse khichri from his face and hands. Sant Rana Nand Ji enquired all about from the God. God told that he daily took Khichri at the house of Karma Bai. Today she was late in preparing Khichri. ‘I was still taking Khichri that you called me’. Hearing all this, Sant Rama Nand Ji was astonished to know that God takes meals at the house of Karma Bai! The priest went to Karma Bai and enquired on to how God comes to her house daily. She told him that while preparing meals she did simran of naam on blessings of Satguru Ravidass Ji that God takes meals at my house every day. Sant Rama Nand requested Karma Bai to pray to God to show me His appearance. Next day she requested God to let Sant Rama Nand have His darshan. God told that Sant Rama Nand is not clean at heart; he nurtures duality. She again requested that kindly do have mercy on him and bless him with your darshan. At the instance of Karma Bai God blessed Sant Rama Nand Ji with His darshan.

Ganga Ji as a girl

Guru Ravidass Ji arranged a Bhandara. Ganga Ji also appeared in the shape of an unmarried girl to take part in Bhandara. Seeing her unique beauty, the king sent a message to Guru Ji that the girl be married to him. Guru Ji told all to Ganga Ji. Ganga Ji told Guru Ji that king will harass him. So let the king come for marriage. On the appointed day, the marriage procession arrived at the place of Guru Ravidass Ji. Fully adorned Ganga appeared. When she saw the king, she disappeared in the shallow earthen pot showing flowing Ganga. At this such a strong stream of water out-flowed from the pot that the entire marriage procession was drowned. Every body realised that it was Ganga Ji in the shape of girl who had come to seek blessings from Guru Ravidass Ji.

*Bhandara and feeding the poor. Bhandara means Auspicious food or gifted food. It is also known as Anna danam.

Important Quotes from
Satguru Ravidass Maharaj's Amritbani

       Ravidass says enslavement is a sin. O friend! You should understand this important point because no one loves a slave man. 

Everybody should learn the true education and acquire knowledge. Ravidass says, without education, the man is ignorant.

Important Quote of Bharat Rattan Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

"I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress which women have achieved."

  • Satguru Ravidass Maharaj Ji
    Satguru Ravidass Maharaj Ji
  • Satguru Valmik Maharaj Ji
    Satguru Valmik Maharaj Ji
  • Bharat Rattan Dr B.R. Ambedkar
    Bharat Rattan Dr B.R. Ambedkar
  • Shaheedan de Sirtaj Shri 108 Sant Ramanand Maharaj
    Shaheedan de Sirtaj Shri 108 Sant Ramanand Maharaj
Satguru Ravidass Maharaj Ji
Satguru Ravidass Maharaj Ji

Satguru Ravidass Maharaj, Satguru Valmik Maharaj, Bharat Rattan Dr. B.R. Ambedkar & Shaheed Shri 108 Sant Ramanand Maharaj played a huge role in encouraging, supporting & inspiring millions of Ravidassia women worldwide to live a life full of dignity, pride & education. We will never forget the sacrifices of our heroes.

We love you.

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