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Satguru Ravidass Maharaj Ji´s Holy Mission & Philosophy. 

"Satsangat mil rahee-ai maaDha-o jaisay maDhup makheeraa."

This is the religious book of the Ravidassia Religion. It has been compiled by the Sant Samaj of Ravidassia qaum after thorough research of Guru Ravidass Bani by universities. It was announced by the Sant Samaj to the followers of Guru Ravidass Ji Maharaj throughout the world on the auspicious occasion of 633rd Birth Anniversary of Guru Ravidass Ji at Shri Guru Ravidass Janam Asthan Mandir, Seer Govardhanpur, Varanasi. It may be clarified this religious book contains bani of Satguru Ravidass Ji Maharaj Ji only. On the title page symbol Har(i) adorns the holy book. It has one photo of Guru Ravidass Ji and second photo of Shri Guru Ravidass Janam Asthan Mandir, Seer Govardhanpur, Varanasi. Then there is a list of Principles of Ravidassia Religions. Thereafter, there is mention of main particulars of Guru Ravidass Ji. It contains 140 shabads, 40 pade, painti akhri, bani haftawar,bani pandran tithi, baran maas updesh,dohra, saand bani,anmol vachan (milni de samen), laawaan,suhag ustat,manglachar, 231 salok. There are 177 pages in all of the book. It has been installed in majority of the States in India and in major countries of the world. This holy book has been widely accepted and owned. Let us all worship it.


Feel free to read the Amritbani in Punjabi (Gurmukhi fonts) by clicking on the buttons which indicate the pages.


140 Shabad




Painti Akhri, Bani Haftawaar, Bani Pandra Tithi, Bara Maas Updesh, Dohra, Saand bani


Anmol Vachan (Milni de Samain), Shadi Updesh, Suhag Ustat, Manglachaar, Anmol Vachan, Shalok


Shalok, Ardas

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