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"Satsangat mil rahee-ai maaDha-o jaisay maDhup makheeraa." 


Dera Sachkhand Ballan donates Rs. 1 Lakh for Uttarakhand victims.
Jo bole so nirbhay, Satguru Ravidass Maharaj ki Jai!!
Jai Gurudev Ji,

Sareyan nu crore crore vadhaiyan! Aj caste discrimination de khilaaf Bill pass hogaya U.K. vich!! Heartiest congratulations to everyone, the U.K. Government has accepted Section 9 (5) a. Caste discrimination will be included under 'race discrimination' and implemented within two monts!!

Our current and future generations will not suffer from caste-discrimination anymore. They will lead a bright and protected future!!


"United we stand, Divided we fall"
Educate Agitate and Organize!

MPs approve ban on caste discrimination. The government has agreed to outlaw discrimination on the basis of caste, extending legal protection to the estimated 400,000 Dalits - so-called untouchables - who live in the UK.
This video explains exactly the stage where the UK citizerens are at in regards to UK Law and the implementation of caste discrimination and how the amendment has changed and how it will be implemented. If you haven't got time to watch it all at 21:30 it's put in simple terms and sums it up!

News on Solicitors Journal : Government bans caste discrimination


Jai Gurudev Ji
The DNA research of (Ravidassia) Dr Ajay Badhan Ji's DNA by National Geographic. https://genographic.nationalgeographic.com/

The Ravidassia Youth Awareness Programme shared this great news on KanshiTV yesterday. The Genographic Project of National Geograpic team scientifically proved and explained Dr Ajay Badhan Ji, that his DNA contains, M69, Indian Marker, this means that (WE RAVIDASSIAS) are the original Indian Aborigines (Original people of the country: INDIA) The first human settlements in India were made by these people, our first ancestors. They travelled from the Middle-east to Northern India and settled 30.000 years ago. Satguru Ravidass Shakti Amar Hai!

Now it is scientifically proven! Congratulations to all on this great news! Jai Gurudev Ji

Jai Gurudev Ji,
Heartiest congratulations to the Ravidassia Community worldwide on the official registration and recognition of the Ravidassia Religion in the U.K. on 11/12/2012!!!!!! A grand total of 11,058 people proudly declared themselves Ravidassia. Jo bole so nirbhay, Satguru Ravidass Maharaj ki Jai!!!!!!!!

Jai Gurudev & Jai Santan di

"Satsangat mil rahee-ai maaDha-o jaisay maDhup makheeraa." "United we stand, Divided we fall"

Heartiest congratulations to the Ravidassia Community Worldwide. Amritbani Satguru Ravidass Maharaj (the English Translation by Shri Ram Arsh Ji) & Miracles of Jagatguru Ravidass Ji, are now available to a much greater audience in Leiden University, Holland. With blessings of Satguru Ravidass Maharaj, Satguru Sarwan Dass Maharaj, Ravidassia Kaum de Amar Shaheed Shri 108 Sant Ramanand Maharaj, Shri 108 Sant Niranjan Dass Maharaj & Shri 108 Sant Surinder Dass Bawa Ji. The two books were not yet available in any University of Holland! This is the first University to receive these great precious Books. Feel free to step in when you are nearby.

The Leiden University Library, which has more than 3.5 million books and fifty-thousand journals, also has a number of internationally renowned special collections of western and oriental manuscripts. Scholars from all over the world visit Leiden University Library, the oldest in the Netherlands.

Leiden University (Dutch: Universiteit Leiden), located in the city of Leiden, is the oldest university in the Netherlands. The university was founded in 1575 by William, Prince of Orange, leader of the Dutch Revolt in the Eighty Years' War. The royal Dutch House of Orange-Nassau and Leiden University still have a close relationship. The dutch Queens Juliana and Beatrix and crown-prince Willem-Alexander studied at Leiden University. Leiden University has six faculties, over 50 departments and more than 150 undergraduate programmes and enjoys an outstanding international reputation. Shanghai Jiao Tong University's 2011 Academic Ranking of World Universities ranks Leiden University as the 65th best university worldwide. Times Higher Education World University Rankings consistently rank Leiden University as the best university in Continental Europe for Arts and Humanities. The University is associated with ten leaders and Prime Ministers of the Netherlands including the current Prime Minister Mark Rutte, eight foreign leaders among them the 6th President of the United States John Quincy Adams, two Secretary Generals of NATO and sixteen recipients of the Nobel Prize, including renowned twentieth century physicists Albert Einstein and Enrico Fermi. Leiden University houses more than 40 national and international research institutes.

Jai Gurudev & Jai Santan di

Best wishes,
Charan Badhan

Heartiest Congratulations Everyone!

The hunt for The Greatest Indian has come to a Celebratory End! The votes are in and the people of India have spoken.
The Greatest Indian to have ever lived is Dr. B.R Ambedkar!

Shri Guru Ravidass Sabha - Ontario, Canada.

We have heard from time immemorial of Saints, prophets who devoted their lives to the service of humanity. So far, almost all such figures like Jesus Christ, Guru Ravidass Ji, came into this world and left for heavenly abode before “we” came on the scene. We revere them, worship them, admire them and use their lifestyle and guidance as a tool to live our own lives. There have been numerous figures in history who, in different religions, different geographies and environments sacrificed their whole lives to uphold the basic freedom that every human being should enjoy.

In the contemporary world, where we revere our saviours from the past, a personality with the name of Saint (Sant) Rama Nand Ji of Ravidassia Community, who walked amongst us, lived amongst us, sacrificed his whole life to uplift millions of downtrodden people in India. He wholeheartedly spread the mission of Guru Ravidass Ji across the world, and in his lifetime played a crucial role in establishing charitable hospitals, schools to serve the poor. He spent his every moment in life to devise ways to guide, love and serve others. His indefatigable spirit, untiring physical efforts and unique and energetic style of Kirtan  (Religious Singing) to spread mission of Guru Ravidass Ji has been unmatchable. He finally sacrificed his life for the mission of humanity thus joining many others who walked the same path in history, for the sake of making world a better place to live.

Now is the time and chance to do our part by honouring Saint Rama Nand Ji.

Ravidassia Community of Toronto has teamed with Credit Valley Hospital Foundation, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada to dedicate a Patient Room as shown side, in honour of Saint Rama Nand Ji. The total cost of this project is approximately $25,000 Canadian Dollars. This noble cause will honour Saint Rama Nand Ji, and his life-long struggle to improve the lives of millions of untouchables in India and bring Ravidassia Community into mainstream.

Shri Guru Ravidass Sabha Ontario is a Registered Charitable organization in Canada. It is the only Ravidassia institution in the Province of Ontario. Our temple was established with the blessings of Ravidassia Worldwide Religious Head, Shri 108 Sant Niranjan Dass Ji and the Great Martyr Shri 108 Sant Rama Nand Ji of Dera Sachkhand Ballan, Jalandhar, Punjab, India. Temple is open to public from all walks of life and acts as a centre of community unity and worship.Since January 2010, according to diktats from Shri Guru Ravaidass Birthplace Temple, Seer Goverdhanpur, Varanasi, India, our ultimate place of worship, we adopted 'Amrit Bani Shri Guru Ravidass Ji' as our Holy Scriptures.

For more information visit www.santramanandjihonour.ca

Jai Gurudev Jai Santan di Sadh Sangat Ji,                                            Great news!

Shri Guru Ravidass Mission International Kanshi TV has took a great step by filling the writ petition against the court petition by General Lok Samaj Manch Phagwara to recover loss from Ravidassia kaum which was happened due to riots in India in protest for killing Shri 108 Sant Ramanand Ji in Vienna, Austria. This Writ petition has been approved by court and hearing will be taking place on 6/09/2012, Shri Guru Ravidass Mission International Kanshi TV will bear all the expenses for this case. Join and support Kanshi TV and come forward to serve the community. If we do not wake up now then it will be too late.

Jai Gurudev, Dhan Gurudev & Jai Bheem.
Info (2/2) International Poll: Who will be the Greatest Indian? 
                                                                                          Jai Gurudev & Jai Bheem!                                       Updated on 07-06-2012         

The, Who will be the Greatest Indian Poll organasation, does not take calls from countries other than India itself anymore. The International poll has now turned into a National Poll. However, we still want our Great Dr Ambedkar to top this poll. Do not give up, stay strong and united, create awareness in India as this poll is not promoted by the media there. We will need to do this ourselves by calling, informing as many friends, relatives residing in India. In India: Huge Billboards containing the voting message can be of great influence in your pind/city. Distribute pampflets in your neighbourhood, nearby community centres, Temples, Gurudwaras. Feel free to share any ideas to help spreading the voting information in India.

The 2nd round and last chance to make your vote count has arrived. The Indian National Poll: Who will be the Greatest Indian? is re-opened now. This is the one and only chance to vote on your Hero, Bharat Rattan Dr B.R. Ambedkar. The poll is open from 1st July - 1st August 2012. Make your vote count please! Your vote will make history! The topper will appear on the Indian currency. 

Ways to cast your vote:

1. Call the toll free number:  0808 289 1017  [Bharat Rattan Dr B.R. Ambedkar] (India's residents)

2.  Vote via facebook        : Click on the link www.historyindia.com/TGI/, Hold your pointer on DR. B R AMBEDKAR's photo and click [F vote now.]                                             It will ask you to log in into your facebook account.           (International residents)

It's that simple.

Spread the message as far as you can. Have a great day!


This is the (1/3) part of the Greatest Indian selection. Part 2 and 3 are based on the decisions of the pre-chosen Jury.

1 N Ram (Director (Kasturi & Sons, Publishers of The Hindu)

2 Nandan Nilekani (Chairman, Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI)

3 Shekhar Gupta (Editor-in-Chief, The Indian Express Group)

4 Michael Fereira (Three-Time World Billiards Champion)

5 Mukul Kesavan (Leading Novelist, Essayist and Historian)

6 Ramachandra Guha (Leading Author and Historian)

7 S Y Quraishi (Chief Election Commissioner of India)

8 Chetan Bhagat (India’s Best Selling Novelist)

9 Shubha Mudgal (Hindustani Classical Singer)

10 Kiran Mazumdar Shaw (Chairperson and Managing Director, Biocon)

11 Raghav Bahl (Founder and Editor, Network1

12 Shashi Tharoor (Author and Member, Lok Sabha)

13 Raju Hirani  (Acclaimed Film Director, Writer and Editor)

14 Harsha Bhogle (India’s Top Cricket Commentator)

15 Vinod Mehta (Editorial Chairman, Outlook Group)

16 Girish Karnad (Film Writer, Director, Actor)

17 Prof. Yogendra Yadav (Leading Political Scientist)

18 Inder Malhotra (India’s Most Experienced Journalist)

19 Bishan Singh Bedi (Former Indian Left Arm Spinner)

20 Soli Sorabjee (Fmr. Attorney General Of India / Eminent Jurist)

21 Arun Jaitley (Leader of Opposition (Rajya Sabha)

22 Swapan Dasgupta (Leading Political Columnist and Commentator)

23 Sharmila Tagore (National Award Winning Film Actor)

24 Vidya Balan (National Award Winning Film Actor)

25 Shabana Azmi (National Award Winning Film Actor)

26 Harish Salve (Noted Jurist)

27 Shobha De (Best-Selling English Novelist)

28 Karan Thapar (TV Anchor)


Upper caste boys kill boy from lower caste for ‘topping class’

Express News Service : Chandigarh, Tue Feb 28 2012, 01:45 hrs

In yet another caste related crime, a topper of an engineering college in Hisar district of Haryana, belonging to backward caste, was shot dead in broad daylight by his classmates - all from Jat community. The assailants pumped four bullets in the boy’s body from point blank range outside the college, leaving him dead on the spot. The police were conducting raids to nab the assailants.

The incident took place at around 9.30 am outside Kalpana Chawla Institute of Engineering and Technology. The only son of his parents, Pradeep (22), a topper of the mechanical engineering branch of the college, was stopped by two of his classmates Rajkumar and Kalyan, both belonging to Jat community.

“While Rajkumar was riding the motorbike, Kalyan, who was sitting pillion fired six rounds at Pradeep from a country-made revolver. Four bullets hit Pradeep. He was rushed to the hospital, but was declared dead on arrival,” said Ombir Singh, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Hisar, who is leading the Special Investigation Team, constituted to nab the two absconding accused. While Kalyan belongs to Panihar village, Rajkumar is from Seeshwala village in Hisar.

Pradeeep’s body, after the post mortem, was handed over to parents who performed the last rites in the evening, the DSP added.

According to the police, Pradeep - who belongs to backward caste Khati (carpenter) - was a topper in the college and the two accused were nursing a grudge against him.

“The two accused, who belong to affluent Jat families did not like that a backward caste boy was dominating studies and topping in all the semesters. Earlier, about two months ago, they had attacked Pradeep. The issue was settled after the college authorities intervened. They (two accused) used to pass casteist remarks at Pradeep, who kept ignoring them,” one of the investigating officials said.

Meanwhile, sources said that tension prevailed in Sham Lal Dhani area of Hisar - Pradeep’s native village. The police officials said that situation was under control, but added that situation may get tense, as some unsocial elements were trying to flare up the caste issue in the village.

“We are conducting raids at the suspected hideouts of the two accused. Their parents are also helping the police . Situation is so far normal in Hisar,” said Anil Dhawan, Superintendent of Police, Hisar.










Five Sikhs face terrorism charges in Germany http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/World/Story/STIStory_670432.html


Case filed for objectionable video clip on Guru Ravidass

JALANDHAR: In what can but only be described as an attempt to foment trouble, a clip on YouTube showing Guru Ravidass dancing with Mr Bean, the popular British comedian, is doing the rounds.

A case has already been registered against unknown persons by the Punjab Police here on Thursday night, following a complaint by Chamaar Sabha, which objected to their guru being shown in poor light in the video clip.

Apart from depicting the Guru in poor light, abusive language has also been used against him. The videoclip has been created and loaded by some Brahmin prince and it has invited strong reactions.

After the killing of Sant Ramanand in Austria in May last year and then subsequent rioting in large parts of Punjab, the acrimony and rift on caste lines has now spilled over to the virtual world also.

In its complaint, the Sabha alleged that apart from Guru Ravidass, late Sant Ramanand and a prominent Punjabi singer Miss Pooja, who is also from the same community, have been shown in poor light and distasteful language used against them in order to malign the community.

A delegation of the Sabha, led by its president Paramjit Singh Kainth, met Jalandhar commissioner of police Gaurav Yadav, who directed his subordinates to register a case under Section 67 of IT Act and 295 A of the Indian Penal Code
for hurting religious sentiments.
 Case filed for objectionable video clip on Guru Ravidass - The Times of India http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/chandigarh/Mr-Bean-or-not-its-no-laughing-matter/articleshow/6623452.cms#ixzz11QbawtLr







Six Sikh men sent to prison for Austria temple attack

Defendants stand in a courtroom before the start of their second trial in Vienna September 10, 2010. Six men have been sentenced to prison terms in Austria over an attack on a Sikh temple which killed a visiting preacher and triggered deadly riots in India.REUTERS/Lisi Niesner/Files

VIENNA | Tue Sep 28, 2010 2:28pm IST

VIENNA (Reuters) - Six men have been sentenced to prison terms in Austria over an attack on a Sikh temple which killed a visiting preacher and triggered deadly riots in India.

A court sentenced on Monday night one of the men, 35, to life in prison for murder and two counts of attempted murder, the Austrian Press Agency (APA) reported on Tuesday.

Four others, who had been charged with being accomplices in attempted murder and with attempted severe assault on the worshippers, received 17 to 18-year prison sentences, while one man got only six months in prison for attempted coercion.

The main accused man had told the court he was suffering from memory loss after being subdued by worshippers wielding frying pans, a rolling pin and a microphone stand, APA said.

However, a court-appointed psychiatrist said her tests could not confirm the memory loss. A gun used in the attack in May, 2009, carried the man's DNA traces, and investigators found gunshot residue on his hands and clothes after the attack.

His lawyer will appeal the verdict, APA said. The others can also appeal the ruling.

Prosecutors say the men, all Sikhs, had planned the attack on the visiting preacher because of a religious dispute. They went on a rampage wielding a gun and knives during a temple service attended by around 150 people.

Dozens of people were wounded in the attack, which also sparked riots in several Indian cities where thousands took to the streets, setting fire to cars and trains and battling with security forces. Several people died in the clashes.

(Reporting by Boris Groendahl)

(For more news, visit Reuters India)

Top News

Long life for the main perpetrators of temple attack
Long live long life for the main accused for the main defendants - © APA (pride)
The Vienna Criminal District Court in the night on Tuesday in the trial about the shooting in a temple of the Ravidass community in Vienna, Rudolf-Fünfhaus the main accused, a 35 - year-old Sikh, for murder and attempted murder to life in prison was convicted. The lawyer of the main defendants appealed nullity. The decisions are not final.
The lawyer of the main defendants appealed nullity. The prosecutor gave no explanation. The judge considered aggravating factor that the offense in the crowded temple with many women present and children had been committed. The defendants were in prison threatened by ten to 20 years or for life.

In the shooting on 24 May 2009 were the gurus who came from India Sant Rama Nand and Sant Niranjan That killed or seriously injured. The murder was probably the consequence of a Glaubensunstimmigkeit between fundamentalist Sikhs and Ravidass supporters. While the Sikhs consider their holy book as only worthy of respect, pays homage to the Guru Ravidass spin-off also.

Also during the trial indicated the defendants that this practice was contrary to their religion. The prosecution accused the defendants, therefore, to have planned the attack for this reason and implemented. The main perpetrator was fired from close range seven had traveled to the two gurus and the Viennese preacher Kishan Pal.

Against the principal defendant said a range of evidence. Thus, his only thought about DNA evidence on the murder weapon, his clothes and hands showed gunshot residue corresponding. The five alleged accomplices had brandished daggers and knives, and thus partly stabbed the faithful who wanted to come to the aid of the gurus. been a prosecutor Nina Weinberg said that while the alleged perpetrators were also attacked, but only reported the victims of the Ravidass to injuries that were caused by stabbing.

The main defendant to suffer from memory lapses cited by and could not remember the act accordingly. "He was the recollection thrashed from the brain," said his lawyer Joseph Phillip Bishop. The man was injured in the attack against the Ravidass with frying pans and rolling walkers a fractured skull and spent five weeks in a coma. This memory loss was for the court psychiatrist Gabriela Wörgötter Although "no explanation" for the defender, however, reason enough for the jury the principle "the benefit of the doubt" to try.

Big problems, the court charged with the witnesses. While the Ravidass supporters accused the defendants as dramatically, the Sikhs suffered, according to a prosecutor "under the collective memory loss". The people did to some extent quite different statements than with their interrogation by the police. Attorney Weinberger explained this particularly with the pressure under which the witness stand in their community. The defense had no more joy with the statements. was in reference to a commercial, "Do not ask the Indians' better in this case, defense counsel said Bishop.

Monday 27/09/2010

10th September 2010 15:23; act: 10/09/2010 15:29

Shooting in Ravidass Temple: Guru on the witness stand
Shooting in Ravidass Temple: Guru Guru Sant Niranjan That the witness stand in criminal Landesgericht in Vienna. - © APA
In the process, at the fatal shooting in the Ravidass temple of 24 May 2009, it was heard on Friday afternoon at the Vienna Regional Criminal Guru Sant Niranjan fact that as a witness.

* Guru heard as a witness

* Process to shoot in Ravidass Temple

* "I can not remember anything"

should occur, the Guru Sant Niranjan that on Friday in the trial on the fatal shooting in the Ravidass temple as a witness in the Vienna Regional Criminal, was clear for several weeks. Because according to the Constitution against the 68 - year-olds, on 24 shot down in May 2009 in a Ravidass Temple in the Pelzgasse Vienna-Rudolf-Fünfhaus was still a tangible threat scenario is, the date was not communicated to the outside. Initiate media representatives had been asked for silence.

Although the agreement was, had in the Grand Courtroom many visitors arrived, as the Guru - guarded by a large contingent of Wega officials - just after 13.00 clock entered the courtroom. Among the audience were a number of supporters of the Ravidass community that rose when entering their senior dignitary, who had survived in contrast to Guru Sant Rama Nand the attack in the temple, from their seats. The
68 - year-old blessed those present before he dragged himself with difficulty to the witness stand.

The two gurus should have guided the Ravidass temple in a religious ceremony and were chosen according to the indictment of orthodox Sikhs the target of a religiously motivated attack, because the Sikh next to the "Guru Granth Sahib, their holy book, tolerate no competition. In contrast, supporters of the bow Ravidass community in religious ceremonies, both before the Holy Book and before attending gurus.

Content is likely to witness presence of the Guru, which expired under the strictest security measures - but at the dock had been grouped together nearly a dozen uniformed, screened four specially equipped bodyguards also have the witness in all directions from - provided for the proceedings no substantial clues. Sant Niranjan That made an impression battered and answered numerous questions - such as after his birth date or by differences between his faith and the rules of the Sikh - with "I do not know".

"We prayed. A short time later, shots were fired. I've become impotent. I do not know what happened," he recalled the situation in the temple. A man had approached him just before the shooting: "I believed that he would bow. He has established himself and scored standing up."

The 68 - year-old - after he was treated in hospital - flown back to India. He traveled now on extra to make his statement. When asked whether he still suffers from symptoms, "replied the Guru:" I am in pain. I can not walk for some time. I take drugs. "

Of the defendants - the alleged main perpetrator Jaspal S. (36) to the shots abgebeben, five co-defendants have so far supported him when, with daggers and fists on pious Ravidass went off in order to allow him to escape from the temple - the recognized Sant Niranjan The fact that no again. He could give any person description of the attacker and his helpers. After about 30 minutes, the hearing was over.

The process, which refers to the defendant to ten to 20 years or life imprisonment, will be continued next Monday.



Jeeb kaati 2010 mein, Tongue cut in the modern world, year 2010.

  A Zila panchayat member of BSP has been shot dead by unidentified assailants at a BSP rally in Gonda district of Uttar Pradesh. BSP is holding a statewide rally protesting UPA policies and the women's reservation bill.
 The Great Khali at Satguru Ravidass Temple (Houston, Texas, USA)


Video of 3rd June 2009





2nd June Watch Shri 108 Sant Ramanand Ji Maharaj in Vienna


1st June Video Report about Shri 108 Sant Ramanand Ji from Vienna ( followers of Maharaj ji gather before maharaj ji's parthak deh goes to India.



23 EH JANAM TU MHARE LEKHE - Shri 108 Sant Ramanand Ji


26th MAY 2009 http://translate.google.com/translate?js=n&prev=_t&hl=nl&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2F1150.vienna.at%2Fnews%2Fom%3Avienna%3Abezirk%3A1150%2Fartikel%2Fsikh-schiesserei-zwei-verdaechtige-sind-illegal-in-oesterreich%2Fcn%2Fnews-20090528-02392391&sl=de&tl=en&history_state0= 

 VIDEO OF 26th MAY 2009 http://ondemand.orf.at/bheute/player.php?id=wie&day=2009-05-26

 28th May 2009 news-video( click on the link below )
 28th May 2009 news( click on the link below )
 27th May 2009 news-video( click on the link below )

Shri 108 Sant Ramanand Ji will always be with us and remain in our hearts.

All Ravidassia's around the world stay Together and Strong.





Slumdog star's home is demolished




The Mumbai slum home of one of the child stars of the Oscar-winning film Slumdog Millionaire has been demolished by city authorities.

Reports say that police smacked the boy, Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail, with a bamboo stick before ordering him out.

The authorities claim he and other families were squatting on land that was owned by the government.

He played a younger version of one of the main characters in the film, which scooped eight Oscars.

"We are homeless, we have nowhere to go," Azharuddin said after the demolition.

The family lived in a temporary makeshift shelter made up of plastic sheets over bamboo sticks, in a slum near Bandra East in Mumbai.

He said he had been fast asleep when the demolition squad came and asked them to leave, later tearing down the entire row of tents pitched on the land.

The family claim they had not been informed about the planned demolition.

Municipal official, Uma Shankar Mistry, who was present during the demolition, told the BBC that the authorities only razed temporary and illegal homes which had recently been erected next to the slum.

He said the houses were in an area that was meant for a public garden.

Housing promise

The mother of the child actor said that she did not know what would happen to her family now and that the help promised by local authorities and by the film's makers had not materialised.

"Our house has been broken down by officials. We have not been given any alternate accommodation. Earlier the authorities had said they would give us a house. But I don't think that will happen any more," Shamim Ismail told the BBC.

The families of Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail and co-star Rubina Ali, who played a younger version of the film's female lead, had been promised new accommodation by a local housing authority.

But a decision about whether or not this will go ahead is still pending.

Film director Danny Boyle has strongly denied charges of exploitation.

The film's makers have set up funds to pay for their education and they have been enrolled in school for the first time.

They also recently announced that they will donate £500,000 to a charity which will help children living in the slums of Mumbai.

The film has made more than $200m (£140m) in box office takings around the world.

Watch the video




Shri Guru Ravidass International Organisation for Human Rights (Regd) UK and Canada Wing are pleased to announce the 632nd Birthday Celebrations of Shri Guru Ravidass Ji Maharaj at House Of Commons, Parliament Hill, 200 West Block, Ottawa, Canada on 24th March 2009 3PM - 6PM






Guru Ravidass' village remembers him with devotion
Khurali (Hoshiarpur) | January 28, 2009 2:45:30 PM IST

Guru Ravidass is today remembered as one of the first social reformers who objected to caste-based discrimination that existed in Indian society during 16th century.

Ravidass's endeavour influenced a lot of people, who were motivated to raise their voice against the discrimination and looked up to him as their Guru, the master. The places visited by Guru Ravidas as a tribute have now become pilgrimage centres.

Thirty five miles from Hoshiarpur city, Khurali Village is gearing up to welcome tourists. Khurali holds great religious significance, as it is said Guru Ravidass visited the place and stayed here between circa 1515-19. The Guru, who dedicated his life to betterment of the society and in bringing the equality, has been a source of inspiration to the villagers. But, Ravidass belonged to a low caste and it caused problems with some people of the higher caste. It is said he was even jailed and punished. According to Dr. Kewal Kumar, a researcher on religion, the place is linked to a sorry tale of Guru Ravidass.

"This spot, where we are standing, was the residence of Dhanna and Devia, the guards. Ravidassji stayed here with these two Sikhs. But when the ruler of this region became aware of Guru Ravidass Ji's Punjab visit, he sent two soldiers to arrest him. The King locked Guru Ravidass and made and him to grind wheat into flour with this flourmill. He king punished Guru Ravidass because the latter being a `Shudra' (low caste), was posing as a guru. The king was against a low caste person becoming a guru of the rich people," said Dr. Kewal Kumar, a researcher on religion.

The Union ministry of Tourism is now planning to develop Khurali as a tourist destination as a tribute to the great saint of medieval India.

A Gurudwara has been built at the place where Guru Ravidass stayed and meditated.

It's a 320,000 dollars project and will include build infrastructure including Display Hall cum Tourist Facilitation Centre, Tourist Reception Centre and Washrooms. "People get their wishes fulfilled. We come here with great devotion and belief, and all wishes are fulfilled. A mile-and-half away from here is the Charan Ganga rivulet where devotees a take bath to get rid of their problems," said Paramjit Singh, a devotee.

"To popularize rural tourism, rural tourist destination for khurali, ministry of tourism, government of India has sanctioned 159.57 lacs, to construct a reception hall-cum-museum or tourist affiliation centre, so that khurali village becomes popular among tourists," said R. K. Bhatti, Asst. Director with Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India. The tourism project will provide create better roads as well as other infrastructure development in the area. The women and unemployed youth will also get self-employment opportunities in tourism support activities such as lodging, cuisine and guiding. By Sawinder Singh(ANI) 


Moolniwasi TV