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PAINTI AKKHARI - Thirty-Five Alphabet

Guru Ravidass Ji coined Gurmukhi Alphabet. The community in which Guru Ji was born was in the shackles of discrimination, untouchability, poverty and ignorance. He cherished to change the entire scenario of the community. He wanted first to take up educational aspect. He preached -- Madho abidiaa hit keen Bibek deep maleen The untouchables were strictly prohibited from reading Devnagri script. Even a glance of the devnagri letters by them could mean damage of eyes and as such blindness. It was all horrible. To save the ignorant people Guru Ji invented his own Gurmukhi alphabet consisting of 35 letters. Nana Khiaan puraan bed bidh(i) Chautees akhar manhi Education was spread by Guru Ji. The people of his community started learning. Giani Gurcharan Singh has written a book 'Gurmukhi Akhar Bhagat Ravidass ne banaai'. The author says that originally there are only 35 letters of the alphabet. With a view to make education difficult the selfish people have increased the letters to 52. It proves that 35 letters of Gurmukhi alphabet have been coined by Guru Ravidass Ji. He has also mentioned in the book that untouchables were not allowed access to Devnagri script. He felt necessity of Gurmukhi script so that the untouchables could be educated. Before partition of India and Pakistan, a Lahore court had adjudicated that the gurmukhi alphabet was coined by Guru Ravidass Ji. He was not only religious leader but a literary luminary also. Dr. Krishna Kalsia, author 'Guru Ravidass Kav Kala' has mentioned in the book that there is sole influence of Punjabi in Guru Ravidass bani. This also shows that Guru Ji has coined gurmukhi alphabet. The Indian Supreme Court agreed to the fact that Satguru Ravidass Ji coined the letters of the Gurmukhi alphabet. This case was re-opened for 4 times because of the contradiction of other casts in India, all the hearings had the same decision of the Supreme court: Satguru Ravidass Ji coined the 35 letters of the Gurmukhi alphabet. The hearings were in these 4 years: 1857, 1933, 1977, 1988.

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